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Wound Care at South Texas Health System - Edinburg, located in Edinburg, Texas

Chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions affect more than 6.5 million Americans every year, according to the federal National Institutes of Health. Patients suffering from non-healing wounds can now receive the high quality care they need at the Wound Healing Center at South Texas Health System Edinburg. The Wound Healing Center offers advanced treatment options, including hyperbaric medicine, to treat slow or non-healing wounds.

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Comprehensive Wound Care

Physicians on the staff use a comprehensive approach to wound care, including nutritional assessment and intervention, infection assessment and intervention and pain assessment and medication. Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan and the physicians will collaborate with other healthcare professionals including physical therapists and podiatrists to determine the best course of action for each patient.

The center also offers lifelong follow-up care to ensure recurrences are kept at a minimum.

Advanced Treatment Options

The Wound Healing Center at South Texas Health System Edinburg offers a variety of treatment options that include advanced wound care technologies. Depending on the severity on the wound, treatments can include:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Topical growth factor therapy
  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Bioengineered skin substitutes
  • Total contact casing
  • Compression therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen while relaxing in a pressurized cylinder called a hyperbaric chamber. This process increases the concentration of oxygen in the patient's bloodstream and wound, which can rapidly accelerate the healing process, help the body fight infection, decrease swelling and help in the growth of new blood vessels.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, traumatic crush injuries, air embolism bone infections and necrotizing soft-tissue infections.

Common Wounds

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Pressure sores
  • Surgical wounds
  • Trauma wounds
  • Burns

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Call 956-388-2700 to schedule an appointment at the Wound Healing Center.

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