Dedicated Care During Pregnancy

When you hear the term “midwife,” many people think of home births and water births. And while that is a common occurrence, midwives may also work in physician practices and hospitals. Midwives look at pregnancy and birth as a normal process, and collaborate with their patients to provide the best experience for both mother and baby. The Maternity Center at South Texas Health System Edinburg is proud to welcome midwives as our patients ask for more options for their birth experience.

Midwife and baby

What is a certified nurse midwife, and how are they trained?

Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses who attend an accredited nurse-midwifery program. Upon graduation, they must also pass an exam to become certified. Many also have advanced nursing degrees and years of clinical experience prior to becoming a certified midwife. They are overseen by a physician.

What kind of care does a midwife typically provide?

Even though their expertise is in pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care, midwives are also trained to provide routine gynecological care in a clinic setting, such as well exams and PAP smears. They can also counsel patients on contraception and treat patients for sexually transmitted diseases. Caring for those experiencing symptoms of menopause is also in their realm of expertise.

Why offer this option?

Having midwives who deliver at The Maternity Center improves and enhances the patient experience because it gives women more options for their birth experience. Some women prefer to have more labor support and natural pain relief from acupressure, a massage, a shower or positioning. A midwife is trained to provide that support and is a little more hands-on. They prefer to use medical intervention only when it is called for, such as when a patient requests an epidural or when an induction or C-section is needed. Our goal is to partner with our patients and share the decision with them.