Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques at STHS Edinburg

South Texas Health System Edinburg is on the leading edge of minimally invasive surgical techniques. We are the first facility south of San Antonio to offer laparo-endoscopic single-site hysterectomy surgery (LESS). The LESS hysterectomy procedure is considered an evolution in laparoscopic surgery with the entire surgical procedure performed through one small incision made in the belly button, leaving a surgical scar that is virtually undetectable.

What Are the Benefits of No Scar Surgery?

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of No Scar Surgery, patients also benefit from a decrease in post-operative pain as well as a faster recovery time and lower rate of surgical site infections.


What Procedures Are No Scar Surgery Used For?

The LESS procedure is primarily used for hysterectomies, but there are many other gynecological procedures that can also benefit from the technology, such as fallopian tube or ovary removal. Speak with your doctor to determine if you would be a candidate for No Scar Surgery.

Patient Story: Gracie Gracia

After experiencing pelvic pain, Gracie’s doctor recommended that she undergo a partial hysterectomy using laparoscopic technology.

“I would definitely encourage [other patients] to consider it. The two benefits that I feel are the most important is the no scar and the quick recovery time. So yes, I would definitely encourage others,” says Gracie.

Find a Doctor

To find a doctor that's right for you, call the South Texas Health System Reserve and Learn line at 800-879-1033.​

Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if minimally invasive surgery is right for you​.